The chubacabra or El chupacabra is an urban legend like El cocuy, la Llorona, El somberom, and lots more THE STORY OF EL CHUPACABRA October 30th, Sunday 11:30 pm.... "It was night time in Nuevo Leon, Mexìco. Me and friends Anthony, Josè, and Rod but we call him Rodriguez were playing in the Meadows i cant quite know what we played that day because the time went by so fast the memory was just so vivid to who or what that thing was that killed all my friends all i cand remember is it had long sharp claws, red eyes, long fangs......but i all i know is its hairless like a dig but no hair" ( I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense i trying to get the whole back story of the chupacabra ) commet what i should do sorry if this is bad

Story is told by imcg


like el silbon th whistle man


thx for the like hoped you enjoyed so much that i might make another Mexican urban legend :)

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