Chapter 1:The Death of a Paradise A dreadful silence spread through the desolated City ashes rained down from the heavens,drowning the city in its greyish ocean.The The beasty flames Consumed the small homes,Where families once laughed together but now...silence The fowl secret of death carried by wind slithering its way through the mountains of rubble.A small pile of ashes were forced to move,as a giant of a fallen God who's skin white as snow barely lifted he's broken body off the floor. Ashes fell off his two hands while some remained stuck to the defied blood of his fatal wounds,slowly rising to his feet while glaring upon the destruction of his kingdom.The silence was broken by a few bebbles from the fallen buildings.Tears began to swell up and flow down his cheek,softly burning the scratches standing up,he looked down at the splinters of bone and flesh that was his right hand.Memories began to flood in the beauty of his city now turned into a wasteland and his joyous people who never known,laid dead crushed by their own homes. Tears came falling down onto his hand,finally falling into a pool of his dried blood.But when all seemed lost a blood curdling scream broke the silence.Echoing through out the ghost town.Stunned by this horrifying scream for help,he lifted up his head slightly looking in all directions like a compass that's lost its way.Feeling helpless and lost another cry for help guided him to find his way but to his despare no one was alive he was just hearing voices.

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

S L. K

it be kOol 2 knOw hOw he lost cOntrol of "hiz" city & wut wuz pOwerful enOugh 2 damage a gOd & distrOy hiz paradise ???

S L. K

okay ., letz hear the next chapter than !!!! ?


The first chapter is the city Burning down