“sweetie I'm going to work see you later" that's when my mom left me alone at home “kk bye mom" I waited till she left then...did what any teen would do home alone. I called my friends over everything was fine unit lilly: hey we should have a party and I thought why not what could go wrong? so I said “sure you guys invite people over I'll make food" so I got down stairs and make some snacks then I hear the door..thinking its some guest I got too open it. I look through the hole and I don't remember the face so I just leave it alone and go back too snacks. I walk upstairs and go back to my room but...my friends are gone so I think they just went to the bathroom and get on my phone. then I hear them screaming I get up and look for them and find them. there dead now any other person would scream right?no not me I laugh... I don't know why i did but for some reason i did but i look down and i have blood on me but its not my blood ( there will be a part 2 if I can at least get 1 like)

Story is told by random_cutie

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cool story! can't wait for part 2

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I liked it can u check my stories