Two months,that's how long I have been running.That thing has been hunting me ever since I found out what it was. If you hear it RUN and leave the area before it chooses you as its victim 2 months earlier It was a normal, average, was late at night,maybe early morning before light.She was speaking with her friend having fun talking about a party they went to last week.They got to an area in front of the woods,when the woman stopped and looked towards them in the cameras view At this time there was faint static on the video,she asked her friend if she heard that.Her friend just looked at her confused before replying "Hear what exactly" The women then started walking to the woods,camera facing in front of her. She kept walking towards the thickening brush.It was quiet for a few seconds,then there was a rustle,The static appearing again. TO BE CONTINUED

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

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