This is story is popular in my place. It is about the disappearance of Viajedor Family way back 90s. Viajedor family was once a complete and happy family. Kristoffer, the father of the family, Elena was his wife, they were both on their 40s at that time. They have a daughter, named Julia, 18, and a son, Perfecto, 15. But one day, Perfecto had a cancer. They spent too much money, however, they couldn't maintain his daily medicine. Kristoffer became wasted, and Elena tried several jobs. Julia dropped out of college. Suddenly, Perfecto's cancer disappeared. A few months later, Kristoffer was found dead in their backyard. He was skinned to death. Horrified, Elena lost her stable mental health and was confined in an asylum. Just three days, she started bumping her head on the wall, she was asking for "help" but she just kept on bumping her head. After 2 weeks, she died because of blood loss and severe brain injury. Perfecto knowing everything, it drove him to depression and committed suicide. Julia? She disappeared after the vigil of his brother. Their house was sold because of their debts in the bank. When the new owner checked the house's basement, they found Julia, tied upside down, without her eyeballs, and her body's full of wounds (the body stinks and is already rotting). Under her were candles, and a pentagram. It was believed that Julia did a satanic ritual for his brother's cancer. And without knowing, their lives were the payment. Every night, when someone would dare to go in, they would usually hear a woman crying. It would get louder when you're near the basement. Knowing this story give me the chills.

Story is told by Shanchan

The Cult

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Cool but short story


the story id great. there are a lot of spelling errors.


Kindly read, "The School's Cubicle" too. Thank you.