when I was little I liked vampires, I always wanted to be one untill one day it happened,I was walking home one night and seen a shed the door was opened so I went inside (little did I know that it was a trap)then the door shut I was scared then the next thing you know I was bit, I fainted and when I woke up it was daylight I was upside-down, I didn't know what to do so I jumped off and landed on my feet I opened the door and my skin was burning it hurt so bad ????so I ran to a place with shade and so I can hide in the shadows I was scared because at the time I didn't know what happened but then I did , as I was in the shadows. I seen another door so I thought should I open it should I not idk. Hi guys should I open the door or not hope u liked it tell me in the comments and Bye

Story is told by nightmaresfollow us all

Scary Clown Girl

Open The Door!!!!

nightmare girl

yeah open the door!!

nightmaresfollow us all

ok I will open the door

zombie killer

open the door!!!