people always said mind your own. but when I was growing up there was no such thing. everybody knew everything about everyone. but little did they know, no one knew nothing of the kid next door. another scream, another ambulance rolling down the street. and it always happens next door. I was always told never to go over there. or something will happen. I've always wondered why. but that night I got my answer. I woke up to another horrific scream. I looked out the window there was a little kid pointing directly at me, then pointed at the house and said come. that's all he said then walked through his backdoor. I couldn't get it out of my head until the next night there was someone or something looking out of the window. it wasnt the kid from last night it was something else. it wasnt a person. that night I was scared of for my life. the little kid showed up on the news the next day. ive always wondered if I could of saved him. but now it was to late

Story is told by destiney