some people called me crazy or just craving attention. no one was by my side the night that the dead came back to haunt me. everyone ive heart was there. this is my story I woke up in the middle of the night and someone was calling my name, in a deep and heavy voice, it was almost quite untill I heard it. suddenly a big BANG. someone was still calling my name but a different voice this time. I got out of bed walked down the stairs slowly then a light turned on and there was a red pool of blood on the floor. I froze, until the same man from before screamed my name. suddenly there was blood all over the walls. and everyone that ever hated me even my mom was there. they all said " LOOK WHAT YOU DID.... YOU KILLED HIM" next thing I know I woke up on the floor in my room. I ran down stairs. I never really knew what happened that night. one thing I do know is my mom was never the same since, and my dad was gone. so you decide am I crazy or just want attention?

Story is told by destiney


I'm so confused

nightmare girl

your none of the above u were probably possesed or something when u killed him