so when inwas 6 or 7 i cant remember i lived in this old town lets just say its called killers town bc it should have been u couldn't go a day without seeing someone get killed and wondering when it was gonna be ur turn to DIE!!! but u see eventually i was 8 or almost 8 the town settled down the murders stoped.... or so everyone thought it was a small town the houses were very close together bc they were cheap im poor ok and its the only place we could afford one day about 8 days b4 my 9th b-day i asked my parents if i could vist my grandmas grave mom mom told be to just be back 4pm of course i said ok and happily picked flowers and started to walk to the graveyard arcross a bridge u must walk on to get to the village and b4 say walk around it its impossible for some reason theres a huge huge huge hole all the why around it so as i walkes to the bridge i hear something behinde me i turn around fast no-one is there so i keep walking (its hard to scare me) something wet and slimly taps my shoulder i Turn around fast and see nothing and i keep walking i step a foot on the bridge and i get about half way through when something grabs my ankle... if this gets to 6 likes ill post pt2

Story is told by zombie killer

Its me MG

I hate creppy bridges.... With a passion... Only thing I hate more is creepy bridges.

nightmare girl

it's 7 now

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I want pt:2

zombie killer

as i see it noone wants a pt2. right!?!?