2.The red room ppl that are reading this I don't know the back story behind this one.ok on to the story. once there was a high school and "the red room" was pretty popular everyone was talking about it.one kid didn't know about it. he asked his friend wut it is.he said I only know one thing.it appears in the app big web(it's like Google).he looked it up one night. he found a weird add.and said why won't this weird add go away?" and the add asked this question... do you like the red room??? *THE NEXT DAY AT SCHOOL*his friend wondered what happened to him and he found out he died from the STUPID DANG ADD. after that he went home and went to sleep. *NEXT DAY AGAIN*there was a new boi in school and he asked the other two boi and gurl.they said to look it up on deep web.so he did. he got the add.*NEXT FREAKING DAY*everyone wonder wut happened to him.the two that told him to look it up there eyes glowed red and smiled.

Story is told by Augustgachacatlover

Slendys actual daughter (actually real)