1.aka manto also known as red or blue paper or cape it is said in the legend he died in the bathroom because he was so cute and hot to all the girls so he killed him self in the bathrooms.so he haunted bathrooms mostly girl bathrooms in the 3rd stall.he asks them red or blue cape or paper? the girl replies with red cape or red paper. he goes in the stall and stabs you with his knife. *REPLAY TO THE PART WHERE THE GIRL WAS IN THE STALL*ok as I was saying. now this was the not the same girl in the legend but this is a tad different. OK NOW SEIOUSLY LETS CONTUIE. *the girl is in the stall again* the boy says red or blue cape or paper? she says blue paper or cape. he came into the stall and chocked her till her face was blue.and it happens in school bathrooms.

Story is told by Augustgachacatlover

Tabor Opper

Yay I'm a boy


Thank good I always go in da middle stall TwT or else i'd be dead


We gona die


At your house he can't catch you


guys it's not real it's just a urban legend


... i never want to go in a public girls bath room again


so... is it real?

nightmare girl

so to never meet him up should not. go into a bathroom