Yumie snuck right up to the cabinet and snatched the syringe and tranquilizer then headed off to class. After all her classes (After School)... Yumie walked out of her last classroom with an intensity in her eyes that hasn’t been spotted since before the day she saw both her parents and her beloved baby sister chopped up limb by limb in a pool of blood that looked like the never-ending ocean at sunset. And her head is filled with the facial expression that was on their faces: eyes dull and emotionless while their last shedded tears dried up on their pale tormented faces with their mouths sewed shut and a slit smile on their faces. “I know she did it... She’ll pay the price... Wait till you see the look on your face... I hope she has fun in hell soon...” is what you often hear out off her mouth when she sees Hanna. Obviously she knows Hanna’s way of bullying her so she walks quickly towards the music club room, which is currently empty. When she hears the door shut behind her she knows it’s time, Hanna barely pushes her and she moves out of the way so Hanna would fall. Hanna wide-eyed, looked at the ground stunned, and before she could fall, Yumie wrapped her hand around her mouth and stabs the syringe into her neck in which she has luckily snuck in the time to suck the tranquilizer into the syringe while in one of her classes. Hanna’s pained squeals started quieting as sleepiness overwhelmed her and fell asleep. Yumie dragged her sleeping body to a large bass (string family, associated with the violin) and rolled her in (cuz ya know she’s a FAT GRILLLLLLLLL \322•\323) Yumie smiled happily, “Tonight is going to be very interesting...” she giggled as she thought of ways to kill, ways to torture, and ways to hide the evidence... Next part: TYFYD (P3) Screams and Blood Sorry if it’s boring QAQ Bloodshed tries Q^Q

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower