Jeff hadn't always been the brutal cruel peice of ****ing shit he is, he and his family had just moved to a new neighborhood. annoyingly greeted by the neighbors from the other street with their little boy, Jeff's mother and father got on pretty well. Jeff and his brother were invited to the kids birthday party, casual welcome to the neighborhood greeting or so. After moving in Jeff decided to lay in bed nearly all day till an odd feeling came over him it was strong yet satisfying as his morals were slowly slipping from him, he stared at the ceiling till everything went blank. "Jeff, get up for school you have to catch the bus this morning!" Jeff groagaly woke up as he had passed out the night before. he walked downstairs and was greeted by his brother Lou waiting for him, they left to walk down to the bus stop, and stood waiting. suddenly Jeff felt something fly over his head, when he looked there was a three man gang wielding a knife " alright listen punk, there's a payment for the bus here run by ourselves" one boy nodded to the other " so you better pay up." pt 2

Story is told by the shining

Scary Clown Girl

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