As I hear pipes rambling I see the figure again this time its screaming Me:I can never get a break can I I'm trying to run as fast as I can when a feel a claw scrape my back I try looking for something to defend my self but nothing except a sharp pipe end after awhile the creature gives up Me:Finally I can go back and get the pipe As I pick up the pipe I see three tunnels each one goes somewhere only one will be You're End I went with the middle one which led me to a maze I looked around for anything and found a board which says This will probably be you're end So don't play pretend And thats when I see it again this time its right infront of me I think its blind cause it can't see me Since this is my opportunity I pierce it through its head with the pipe after that I make my way through the maze That's when I hear it,Its pissed off of what I did

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

S L. K

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This is more of a horror/Comedy/Weird/What the hell is this story/I don't know