As I come home from work after being fired and calling my boss a fat prick I finally have time to game on my PC And that's when I remember about a game my friend told me about Stalker.exe I spent an hour looking for the game and suddenly I got an email with the game it was kinda strange since the person who sent me it had no name but hey at least I got the game I soon searched for the game files and found it I then did the setup and booted it up it kinda had that outlast feel to it but it was a cool game I played for about 3 hrs when I checked my clock it was about 1 in the morning so I closed the game and went to sleep when I woke up in the morning the game was still on and I'm very I sure I exited it I stared at the screen for sometime when I saw something ran infront of my character soon after that something ran infront of me I look at my clock it was still 1 am which was confusing cause I'm pretty sure I was asleep for hours so I go back to sleep and that's when I heard heavy knocking on my bedroom door I ran to it and locked the door soon after I called 911 good thing there was a cop 2 minutes away I lay on my bed feeling good until I hear scrapping under my bed THE END

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ