Okay... I've been reading your comments. I've used salt, it didn't work. I go to church, and have a few crosses in my house. I will try to make the descriptions of him better. Okay so this happened the day that I'm writing this. July 25, 2019, to be exact. I'm in marching band and I go to the High School here. As I was practicing I felt something grab my leg, I didn't freak out, just so I didnt make a scene. I just kept playing. But 2 minutes later, 3 red marks appeared on my arm. My chest grew tight as the air around me became cold. I hear a male voice call my name from behind me. Note this, it sounded like the voice was whispering in my ear but then again from far away. No one was near me at the time and this voice sounded very demonic. I kept looking behind me but there was nothing there. I looked a couple of more times before I went back to playing. Throughout the day, I heard demonic grumbling. Though I haven't seen him today, I know it was him. He always loves to mess with my mind and make me think I'm crazy.

Story is told by SleeplessQueen27


if only ed and Lorraine Warren was still alive

Minecraft dragon

I'm going to third grade


Look around your house and anything that has to do with demons, Satan or the Occult burn it immediately.


Okay, I tried to do research on my demon and nothing shows up, and I'm too scared to use a Oujia board, because I don't know what type of demon he is.