its been almost 24 hours and ive only found 9 ppl... im gonna check the basement finnally here in the badement and i see every one else so i jump into the base and scream "ive killed all ur friends now ur all gonna die too" everyone was screaming and running around like a chicken with its head cut off once i tell them "im joking" i turn around to tommy (the leader) " alright i found everyone now u will never hear from me again so f*** off" and i walked away hearing one of them say are plan worked... im in a cell and theres a to skeletons in here also ketchup i have a wonderful idea i put he ketchup all over me and found a knife and put ketchup on the knife as they started to walk up i fell to the floor and keeping my eyes open i rolled my eyes into my skull. and i can still see all i seen was the group strart to tear up and one said this "means were gonna die two." "its not like anyone even cared about him we just gotta get out of here b4 he comes to hunt us they all ran but using quick reflexs i grabed one of there ankles and BOOM domino effect they all fell i tell them im not really dead.... they try to "appologise" but i walk away and was never seen by anyone again some people think i was kidnapped some think i was killed some think i committed suicide some think i ran away but i basically ran away living in the prison killing any who enters and mistreats there friend. now treat ur friends nice bye

Story is told by zombie killer