ok guys it been like 8 hours an i finnally hear one of them im gonna sneak up on them... ummmmmm thats not a person he/she has no head and is covered in blood imma just ignore it and keep looking honestly im terrified first off this is illegal sencondly its late at night.... these arent good friends i must scare the crap of of every single one of them... someone was behide me so i screamed " HE GOT ME AND UR NEXT RUN "turned around to see tommy with a terrified look on his face and hahaha wet pants he looks at me realising i just pranked him and he says "I-i-i sat on something wet" i told him that "once this games over he will never hear from me again we stuck together to find. everyone else. "stay here" i whisper to him b4 turning a corner then he stupidly yells "NO DONT LEAVE ME HERE" i told him to "shut up" turned the corner and seen Bobby run into a room i follow him and he sees me i say "this was a baaaaad idea were all gonna die" (he's terrified of death) "nah im joking" i add "but ya pissed ya self" he quickly says "lair i just on something wet" i couldn't help but laugh he get back to were tommy is standing both look at eachother and start to make fun of the other person till i stop them " quit im trying to find everyone so i can leave and never be seen by this group again....."we made it up to the 2 floor but im guesseing there all on the 5th floor so thats were we head i found the ball room there 7 ppl there so i made tommy and bobby run in the only exit screaming "HES GOT A KNIFE HES GONNA KILL US ALL" everyone freaked out once i entered the room, then once i tell im it was a joke we continue searching ill be back later with the next pt

Story is told by zombie killer