when I was 8 my grandfather moved into another house. this house was a shaddy little trailer. he lived in a trailer park. like duh right ?. but the thing about this trailer park was a dark place were many of deaths have happened from murder to natural causes. my grandfather did not know this at the time he bought the house. the first clue could be debunked easily. he took a picture that had a shadow figure standing in front of him and he says that his shadow was behind him. but he likes to scare me so I didn't think anything of it.after a few days I went over to spend the night. we did our normal thing. watched ghosts adventures and ate dinner then go to bed. when I went to bed my aunt was terrified to go to sleep. she told me that a man would stand in front of her door and watch her sleep. this scared me a lot so I tried to go to sleep as fast as I could but all I could think about was a man starring at me while I sleep so I hid myself under the blanket thinking I was safe. o woke up around 2 am to my aunt crying in fear. I asked her what was wrong. she told me that she had a bad dream and to go back to sleep. I tried but out of the corner of my eye I seen a tall man standing there starring at me. he had a nasty smile his teeth her black and his hands look like they were covered in blood. he wear a very expensive looking suit. it was covered in human skin so all of the suit I could see was the was the back were the tag hung out and the front were the white shirt was. but his shirt was red. after seeing this I asked my aunt if she sees him she shook her head yes. so me and her held each other. after about 20 minutes if crying and trying to not think of him he left. I told my grandfather what happened and he told me to ignore it. but i couldn't just ignore a man that watched me sleep.. after that I went home. I had done a little research on the trailer park. then I seen that the man I seen was a man that had killed his own daughter. the poeple that lived there before my grandfather had three girls 1 of the girls ran from home never to be seen anther one was ran over and the last was suffered in her sleep. I told my grandfather but he told me people say things like that all the time and to not worry about. then the night he told me this he seen a little girl crying in pain in the bathroom. she was wearing a antique nightgown and was about 10 years old. after he told me this I said see ok now explain that. he couldn't. after years of things like this he finally moved. then my aunt looked at me aright I. the eyes and said she's here.

Story is told by the dead doll