so my names Cade, and i have a group of...friends and i guess i would have to say im the one they secretly hate but thats ok not everyone is loved my their friends thats normal. right? well theres about 30 of us too many? oh well anyway time for the real story. it was a normal night or so i thought. my frined tommy called me and said "theres 46 of us going to the abandoned prison ethier u go or ur out of the group" so ofc i said "ok fine ill go what time r we meeting up there" tommy replies "now" taking a deap breath i said " im on way" i got there and eveyone was stareing at me smiling till tommy told me "were playing hide and seek" (this prison is 5 stories high and honestly im terrified but i dont wanna get kicked out so...) "ok" i said then getting inturrupted tommy told me i was "it" so i started counting up to 100 after i finshed counting i started looking... I' pt2 when i find ppl

Story is told by zombie killer