me and my family just moved to the new amazing house. this house was gorgeous. we lived for few years. after living there for a couple years and old couple moved in the house that was in front of us. the couple we're older. after a few months the husband of the couple died. then the old lady got very very ill. she would sit there in front of her window and stare. at what I don't know. I asked the people that would come visit her everyday what was wrong with her. they told me that she was suffering from depression and said that I looked like her husband had passed away. when they told me this I just shook it off like it was nothing. but then I noticed every night she would sit staring out her window. I have figured out what she is staring at she was doing right at my window. now I also she glanced so I didn't take notice of it. but after that I went by couple hours it was time for me to go to bed I looked at my window there she was staring her eyes straight at me. now it scares me a little but I still went to bed that night but I woke up every now and then finally I had the urge to look out the window still I seen her staring at me. I was so scared that I took my blankets and pillows and made a fort on the floor that is where I slept four-lane few hours that night. the nurses that came and took care of her came and I told him what happened they told me not to do anything so that's what I did but I was kind of scared to sleep so I would always sleep on the couch in the living room after a couple years happened they told me that she had to go to the mental hospital they told me that I was her husband and this is what she said but I don't know I just blew it off like it was nothing but still a little creeped out the next few days in by and they told me she went to a nursing home and was healed after a little while I was in the shower and I heard the door open I thought as my parents cuz they were out that day so I can finish my shower going to hit the bathroom door open I was still in the shower I was I was trying to hurry up and take my shower I heard the wheels of a wheelchair slowly coming up and she said April April and a deep creepy voice I didn't know what was going on so I hurry up a nose my eyes cuz I was shampoo in my hair and I see the handprint on the shower curtain now I was pretty scared I will admit so I jumped out of the shower and everything and push pastor now did I grab a towel I don't remember but I ran outside naked tell underwear closed I don't know still to this day and I called the police outside I'm pretty sure it was yesbut I called the police and told them that a lady what a my room saying April over and over the police came and they told me that I had pushed her wheelchair over because I was so scared I told him I was dearly sorry and they told me that she was scared that she was looking for me because I was her husband and that April was the name of her husband I didn't take notice my name is April and she was calling my name but in my head the month of the year was April when this happened they took her to the mental hospital again where she was found that she would not only live for a couple more years it has now been 20 years since this has happened and I look back on this and I like that where she was going sorry visited that place I found out she was still there I am now 45 so I look back at my wedding pictures and I seen she look just like my wife then I looked at her husband and old pictures that she showed me I look just like him

Story is told by the dead doll

the dead doll

sorry if this is hard to understand I'm not to good at English