when I was 9 I got very ill. my mother brought me to the ER like any mother would. when we got there the doctors told me that I only had a few hours to live. they didn't tell me what was wrong with me or anything. the last thing I remember is them telling my mom that after the operation I may have a slim chance to live another 20 years. and my mom said yes. then they gave the Anastasia and I fell asleep. a few hours later I woke up. my face was covered by a thin layer of blue fabric. I got up p and found one of the doctors that was mine he was made and upset. so I didn't try talking to him I tried finding my mom but she was no where to be found. I started to panic like any kid would. I tried to talk to one of the nurses that was writing I'm a book. but she didn't even look up from it so I thought she must to busy so I tried another one she was just standing in front of the desk crying so I tried to concert her. now reminder I'm nine when this happened and I told her it would be alright and that its ok but she didn't even notice me. it's been 3 years and I still haven't been noticed I still haven't found my mom or any of my family. the only thing I notice is that when I do do something it's very hard and it shouldn't be. talking hurts and I make people scared is there something wrong with me.

Story is told by the dead doll

Ruby Red

It's a cute story


he is a ghost????????


god that is a crazy storie

nightmaresfollow us all

wow that's crazy ????????