when I was like 3 my grandfather hot a knew house nothing fancy. it was just a couple of minutes from our house so I went over there quite a bit. One night I spent the night we did our normal things. we ate dinner picked apples from the tree in n the back yard and watched TV then we went to bed. well around 4:30am all the doors in n the house slapped open and shut over and over and we seen a man in the window I grandfather told me to sit in the bedroom in the closet and lock it. He came back a little later and we left to go back to my house. that was the last time I ever went into that house. know 10 yes old I have learned that a man was brutally murdered and his wife left him that night and got in an accident. her car was in the junk yard right next to the house. now I'm 13 and still walk by there and think was it rude for us to be scared was he looking for something or someone then I go home and look tthrough the evidence and the evp that brought back to that time and that thought me that I had an unexplainable thing happen to me before I could even understand.

Story is told by the dead doll

the dead doll

sorry about the spelling I'm not to good with that