Our school is was founded after the Japanese invasion, so it was kinda old but then it's not actually creepy since the school's founder did her best to fix it. Our school was also known as a former hideout of the Japanese. One night, 8 o'clock, my senior was about to go home when she felt that she was about to pee. She was still at school because of her chorale practice. As the president of the club, she's responsible to close the club and go home late than everyone. She entered the CR in the fourth floor, and went to the last cubicle. First five seconds, she heard a soft bang and she thought it was from the outside. Then one of the cubicle's door, opened. Maybe a school staff? she thought to herself. A weak and somewhat dying voice followed. "Miageru..." "Miageru..." She doesn't know what miageru means but the creepiness of that voice scared her. She immediately finish peeing and went out with a white lips. When she got home, she asked her teacher about it through messenger. "Thank God!" her teacher replied. "Why?" She asked. "Miageru means look up! And I'm thankful you didn't do it. 5 years ago, a former teacher who specializes japanese jumped from the 4th floor for unknown reason, at that same time too. We never know what would really happen if you look up!" I felt a cold chills in my spine after hearing it. I guess she's lucky because she can't understand japanese.

Story is told by Shanchan

nightmare girl



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