My dad is a monster!! Many of you will have a loving father, but is not like that!!!!!!!!! It' s very bed!!!! Beat my mother and mistreat me to no end pure fun!!!!!!! He'll want to kill him, you son of a ****!!!!! But the way, my name is Andy Johnson and I'm about to kill my father!!!!!!!! Yes, he is sleeping and i have a sharp knife in my hand!!!!! Done!!! I killed him!!!!! My mother is so happy!!! We just need to hide the body and remove the blood!!!!!!! There is something weird. My mother seems very happy without dad, but in this house there is certainly something strange. My mother it doesn't come out anymore, things move by themselves and there is always a terrible smell I think i know what the strange thing is at home. My dad. That monster is still her. I feel!!! He' s the one who made me kill mom!!!. But I know to send him away. I will commit suicide, only this way i will be free from him!!!! I'm doing! I'm jumping off the balcony!!! But wait... he told me to do it!!

Story is told by Francesco Ciancio