once there were twins that used to kill people,there names are Kyle and Kevin they are both clowns,every time it was a kids birthday they would ask the birthday boy/girl if they could show them were the restroom was,then the kid would go show them once they were there Kyle would slash his/her throut then Kevin would eat the kid so would Kyle. After they were done they would clean up the mess and there face, they would go to the parents and they said wears the birthday kid, the parents would be worrying about there kid . they always did that for 12 years until one day they got caught and were sent to prison for 5 years, so after they were let go they started to work at the icecream truck and u won't believe what they did.Hi guys hope u liked it this story is fake just letting u know should I make a story about them working in the icecream truck and what sinester things they did yes or no??

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nightmaresfollow us all

why does no one like my storys ???


next time fire man they take a kid to a emty class room and do something

zombie killer


nightmaresfollow us all

omg great idea


yes please. serving ice cream made from other kids.