Applejack and her family were suffering from a huge amount of bad luck. They had a really bad harvest to begin with. Then their collie dog, a perfectly healthy animal, begun to suffer from a strange sickness. "I don't know what is happening to us" Applejack said when Twilight came visiting one day "this is getting out of hand!". "Calm down Applejack" Twilight said "I'm sure that there is a reasonable source to all of this. How think hard and tell me when did all of this started". "Well it all started when we had that run in with Midnight Sun" Applejack said. A week earlier, Applejack and Big Mac had a bad encounter with a elderly unicorn named Midnight Sun. Big Mac had accidentally backed a large cart that they were using into Midnight's ornamental garden. And by the time they managed to get it out, the garden was completely ruined. "We're really sorry mam" Applejack said "we'll pay for the damages". Midnight Sun said nothing. But her eyes gave away her true feelings. They were burning with rage. "You and your family will pay for this!" she said angrily. Applejack and Big Mac paid for the damages and that was that. But then the run bad luck began and it felt like it was here to stay. "It must be Midnight Sun doing all of this!" Applejack said "there must be a way of finding out?". Then Applejack remembered something that Granny Smith had said on finding out if a unicorn was causing problems. "First, you go and find a black walnut tree," she had said "then you draw a picture of the unicorn in question on it. It doesn't have to be a perfect picture, but their image has to be in your head when you draw it. After you done that, you mark where their heart is with a cross. Then you take an iron nail and hammer it in just an inch. Then you keep driving it in one inch a day. If that unicorn is doing the mischievous things, they'll feel pain where their heart is. And it will get worse if they carry on. And they'll have to stop. But if they know that you are doing it, they'll come by to ask for something or send someone else in their place. If you give them what they want, that breaks the spell and they'll keep on tormenting you!" That is what her nice old grandmother had said. But Applejack knew that was just an old superstition. Midnight Sun couldn't be the cause of this bad luck. But then one day later, Big Mac fell down the stairs and broke one of his front legs. That was the final straw for Applejack. It was one thing giving someone bad luck, but it was another thing harming her family members. Without a second thought, Applejack grabbed a crayon from her sister's room, an iron nail, and a hammer from the shed. She then made her way into the nearby woods and found herself a black walnut tree. She then drew a picture of Midnight Sun on it and marked where her heart is with a cross. She then took the hammer and drove the nail in just an inch. Then she went back home. "Maybe I was overreacting" she said to herself later on "this is just a silly superstition". Then the next morning, while Applejack was having breakfast, a pegasus arrived at her front door. "I'm sorry to bother you," he said "but a unicorn named Midnight Sun sent me here to ask you if she could borrow some sugar?" Applejack did a double take. It can't be true could it? Was the iron nail really doing this? Out loud she said "tell her that I am sorry but we don't have any sugar at the moment!" The pegasus went on his way and Applejack went back into the woods. She then drove the nail in another inch and then went on with her chores. But the next day the same pegasus came back. "Midnight Sun is getting sick" he said "she wants to know if you have any sugar?" "Tell her that I still don't have any sugar at the moment" Applejack said. Then she went into the woods and drove the nail in another inch. The next morning the pegasus was back. "Midnight Sun is really sick!" he said "she really needs some sugar!" "I still don't have any!" Applejack said "and I won't be getting any for some time!" As the pegasus left, Big Mac turned to his sister. "You must stop this!" he said "if this is really happening, it's like murder!" "I'LL STOP WHEN SHE STOPS!" Applejack snapped back. Then she went back to the woods and drove the nail in another inch. Later on that evening, Applejack was sitting outside on the grass. She was wrestling with her conscious. She wanted to stop this and go and pull the nail out, but she didn't want the bad luck to continue. She was still thinking about it when she heard tge front get open and closed. She looked up and saw Midnight Sun coming towards her. She was struggling to stay upright and was having trouble with breathing. "Maybe I am killing her" Applejack realised. She got up to go into the woods but now Midnight Sun was standing right in front of her. Her eyes blazing with fury. "First you destroyed my garden!" she snapped "and now you refused to give me some sugar!" She swore at Applejack, then fell dead on the grass. "I'm not suprised that she died" Twilight said a few days later "she had a bad heart condition. It was going to give in sometime" "Some say that she was the cause of the bad luck" Applejack said "and someone drew a picture of her on a tree and kept driving a nail into it in order to stop" "Oh that's just a silly superstition!" Twilight said "now we don't believe in things like that do we?!"

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

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? unicorns are supposed to be magical, majestic & "wise" creatures.... this one iz... well ., just a miserable ****....

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000pz... →breaking←legz and ruining cropz

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i like that the ?gOt wut she deserved !!! freaking legs and ruining cropz (nOt kOol)fool !!

Gary Matrix 2

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