This a legend that is told in my village. There was a maid washing the floor in a castel. He passed the broom with great difficulty for his master. Suddenly he was a room where once there was a wall. Intrigued, she approached that room, since she had never seen it. In there, she was mysterious lady wrapped in a black veil with gold around her. The lady, whit a kid gesture, invited her to enter. But she, who did not know her, ran away to warn the master. A few minutes later, the master went where the maid had seen the lady and the room. But the room and the lady were gone, there was only a brick and concrete wall. Perhaps this is just one of many legends, or is it something more? I don't know, maybe it's true or not, i leave it to you to decide

Story is told by Francesco Ciancio


i'm not sure if its true or not