Jodi had invited her friend Rachel over for a movie. Her parents were out for the night and had aloud her to have a friend over. So Jodi and Rachel sat on the sofa, watching a scary movie. Yet there is only one problem. On one of other chairs in the living room was a doll. It was one of those old fashioned china dolls that had a creepy looking face. And Rachel didn't like the way that the doll was looking at her. So Jodi got up and turned it around so it was facing away from them. And with that, they went back to watching the movie. But then Rachel noticed that the doll was facing them again. So this time, Jodi took the doll and put it in a wardrobe. She then locked the door and they continued to watch the movie. All was well when suddenly Rachel suddenly got up, said goodbye, and left the house. Jodi did not know what caused her to leave. Then she noticed something. Standing next to the sofa... was the doll.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

S L. K

?I would have put it in a gilded cage ....just so I could ?️watch it... (watch'n?me) !!!! CUZ... that'z 1 creepy ****'n doll !!!


omg I would of burned the doll

Ruby Red