"Whats wrong Robert?" Robert was so scared he could not even talk, he was crying. "Theres dead people in my room, lots of d-d-dead people." Mrs. William's looks at him "Oh, now now Robert, don't be silly. Its just your mind playing games with you." She walks away and closes the door. For the rest of the night Robert would not sleep. The next day Robert decided to check out their new back yard, to get his mind off everything that has been going on. He looks up at the house and looks at his bedroom window, it was a very big old fashion window, a little foggy but you can still see through it. When Robert tried to focus his eyes on the window he noticed something horrifying. It was a BUNCH of burnt people looking out his window, he could hear their faint wispers calling his name, they all had a VERY big grin on their face. They just stood there by the window smiling at Robert. At this point he was very creeped out so he went to his parenta room. "Mom, dad, there are dead people in my room!" Mr. Williams looks at him "Robert, no one is in your room, your mind is just playing games with you." Then behind Mr. Williams Robert can see the same burnt lady from last night, just there smilling and waving. "DAD SHES BEHIND YOU!" Robert begins crying. "THATS IT! IM DONE WITH THIS BS." Mr. Williams grabbed a lock then Roberts hand "Im gonna prove it to you, there is NO ONE in your room" They went up the stairs all the way to the attick where his room was located, he threw Robert inside and locked the door "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THIS ROOM."

Story is told by AnnaBerry

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it was good