ok so, when I was at my cousin's house a few days ago, we were left home alone, the house was quite so we dicided to play music. After a while we stopped Playing music because we heard a noise, so we went to the living room and it was just the dogs, so we went back to the room we were barley gonna put the music on, when out of nowhere my cousin hears whispering so we look at each other in shock. So we ran to the kitchen we heard a noise so we were really scared ?, so we hid together behind the table then I seen a guy with a hoodie on in the mirror, so I look in the hallway and no one was there so we ran to the living room and hid behind the couch and we heard noises again then a couple of minutes later I realized I had left my phone in her room, so I thought I ain't gonna let some poor fricken man stop me from getting my phone so I was walking to her room then I hear something so I ran back to her and I said: can u come with me. and she said fine so we went to her room with her and got my phone , then she heard something and I told her is was probably the dogs and she said they were in the living room so she ran I got my phone then ran, 1 hour later are parents came home we acted like nothing happened, so when I left her house I said good luck so that's the end of my true story hope u liked it.

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nightmaresfollow us all

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no punctuation. I couldn't even read it.