I just had a weird moment of realization. This is 100% my true thoughts, I was walking home from the store and was thinking. Let me know if you agree or disagree, I'm having an existential crisis right now and I want to know if I'm going crazy or if this makes sense. Thank you. What if the world isn't really ending, it's trying to save itself? What if it's been doing this for all eternity, and just like the dinosaurs, it's gonna end with some sort of fiery death, which will result in another ice age, then create another continental drift? And what is any surviving human who witnesses that becomes so traumatized that they become mentally insane, unable to speak or think, basically become cave people? And all our current creations are destroyed and the surviving humans physically can't recreate or tell their children about them, so they attempt to draw it on walls, aka cave drawings? And what if this has been happening since the beginning of time and the world is much older than we think and we don't know how old it is because all previous data has been destroyed?

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what if that white light we see when we die is really us being born into another birthing room at a hospital? ????


I like this theory but I actually think that our lif is a simulation and we don't have to worry about anything because once we die we just regenerate that would explain reincarnation. and when space and stuff like that to make the video game for the person playing as us entertained.and when the person dies they decide a new character. and when they take the video game out prnshut I off or stoop playing we sleep.

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once* ffs autocorrect just one time....can you not?

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I'm still stuck on a theory where we are a higher beings dream. and one they wake up we will cease to exist?


with your hypothesis that mite mean that what we call aleinsite be what we were before this Ara and what we are after this time the next ara will think we are aliens. ?


that's deep


had similar thoughts also.

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cool theory I'll think about it


This theory have chance for life. Coz u know, Atlantis and ancient relics, sometimes very strange