Reece was driving along a dusty back road late one evening. He had been visiting friends and now was heading back home. But for some reason, he decided to take a shortcut. Which turned out to be a wrong decision. Now he was in the middle of nowhere with the sun's light now nearly gone. And it was begining to rain as well. Reece had no choice but to find somewhere to rest of the night and continue in the morning. But this proved to be more difficult than he imagined. He did come across a small hut. But due to the fact that the roof had caved in, he didn't seek shelter there. But just a little bit further down the road was a large church. It looked like it had never been visited for many years. But it was still intact so Reece went inside. Inside the church was dark and gloomy. But it was dry and there was nobody about. So Reece started to look for somewhere to lay down and rest of the night. He found a booth type thing behind a large pillar and, after rolling up his coat and using it as a pillow, he fell asleep. Reece woke up about three hours later. It was still dark outside so he tried to get back to sleep, but a sound awoken him. It sounded like a lot of things walking about. Reece got up and slowly looked from behind the piller. What he saw took his breath away. The curch was filled with small white things.They didn't noticed Reece slowly emerged from behind the pillar. Reece had a horrible feeling that they were ghosts. He was thankful that he hasn't been spotted yet. But he didn't want to stick around for them to notice him. So he turned so that he could head towards the doors and perhaps escape. But no sooner did he turn, then he walked smack bang into of the things. And the thing looked up at him and went... "Baaaa"

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

Gary Matrix 2

A sheep.

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