So this is how I think of the urban legend of Jeff the killer so me and my brother Lou just moved to a new town and my mom was with us and our N abhor came over and invited us to her sons bday party and Lou and I was at the bus stop and three kids came up and stole loud wallet so I got a strange felling and told them to give me my bros wallet back or else they said or else what they had a knife in their hands and said what are you going to do and i got a strange feeling in my stomach and i took the knife and stabbed him and then I punched them in the stomach and left a Bruins and the next day cops showed up and said are you Jeff I said yes he's said son we have found three body's and two stabbed and one with a bruise on its stomach so they put me in handcuffs and said let's go but Lou said no it was me I beat up those punks I have the marks to prove it and they took Lou instead of me and I went to the bday party and wore a white hoodie with black pants so they went to the party and the same three kids came up with guns and poured alcohol on him with bleach and set him on fire and he woke up in the hospital with the same close on he was crazy and later that night his mom Heard laughing or crying it was Jeff laughing he had a knife in his hand and was cutting his mouth so he can smile longer and cut his eye lids to see how beautiful his face was and he told his mom to get dad so she did but she told him to get the gun Jeff killed his mom first then his dad and he snuck into loud room because Lou just got out of jail and he killed Lou and he ran away the end

Story is told by hi I'm a huge fan of hatch life

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hi I'm a huge fan of hatch life

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