3:23 AM Jake: So, how's it going on with the baby? Jordan: She's...fine. I guess. Jake: Is there anything wrong lol? Jordan: haha no. just a little uncomfortable. Jake: and why is that LMAO Jordan: she's always staring up at the roof. its creepy. Jake: She's 4, Jordan. Kids do that lol Jordan: hahah very funny Jake: ok sorry- Jordan: um. so. what did u have for dinner? Jake: random question but ok. pasta. Jordan: good ol' italian dinner lmaoo Jake: hahaha ikr Jordan: got any plans tmr? Jake: Actually, yeah. I have football match and I'm coming home late. Jordan: late? at what time?? Jake: 2 am i think? Jordan: Oh. ok. Jake: You sound weird, how's the baby doing? Jordan: I don't think this was a good idea, Jake. Jake: wdym? Jordan: She's acting strange. She cut her finger on purpose and is sucking on her on blood. This is terrifying. I'm on my way back home. Jake: Jordan WTF? U CANT JUST LEAVE HER?? AT LEAST CALL HER PARENTS OR SOMETHING— Jordan: already did. Jake: ok. meet me at the park. Jordan: why? im tired. im heading home. Jake: fineee, tmr? Jordan: What time? Jake: 2 am. Jordan: dont u finish ur game at that time...? Jake: yeah, but Jordan: but? 4:56 AM Jordan: Jake u ok? nvm. he prolly passed out. 6 AM Jake: It's me again.

Story is told by CreepyAbby

S L. K

umm, tOOk me the whole stOry ²figure out shez babysitting, & the kidz nOt her own, phychotic bundle of creepyness...

nightmare girl

what a creepy four year old