A cockatrice is a mythical creature that is said to be half chicken and half reptile. With dragon or bat like wings. It is an evil creature that is the result of an egg being laid by a rooster and hatched by a toad. One of the most common facts about a cockatrice is that it is one of the most feared monsters. Mainly due to two things. 1. Its saliva is so poisonous that one tiny drop is enough to kill giants. If it drinks from a well, lake, or river, no one can drink or swim in anymore (unless a wizard or witch can use their magic to get rid of the poison). 2. Its stare is enough to kill anyone or turn them into stone. Its closest relative is the basilisk (which has a similar origin) and can only be defeated by seeing its own reflection in a polished surface.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

Gary Matrix 2