I'm afraid of angels. Why? Well... I'll start with saying that my family isn't too religious. It's kinda hard to explain actually, we aren't atheists but never followed any religion either. Anyway. Angels appear in my dreams for as long as I can remember. And these dreams aren't too... pleasing. In some it kinda feels like a sleep paralysis. I can move my eyes and look around but the rest of my body is pinned to my bed. And here they are. Standing around the bed, just staring at me like at an animal in a cage. Tall figures, softly glowing in the dark with great wings. And they never move. Never speak. And I never try to speak with them in any of the dreams. I can't see their faces yet they always seem to dislike me. Maybe even hate. All of them have really menacing aura surrounding them. They all look like they judge me, like they don't want me here. I always wake up sweaty and one step away from crying. Never remembering how many of them I saw. Maybe just two, maybe ten. Sometimes I can see dark silhouettes standing in shadows around my room. Closer to my bed or hidden in corners. I never dare to speak to them. At first everything was rather peaceful. They only appeared in my dreams. Lately I feel really uneasy even when I look at their pictures or statues. All these things seem to hate me. I constantly feel watched, they follow me everywhere. I can see glimpses of them in corner of my eyes. I moved a few times but it's not helping. They seem to be everywhere, judging everything I do and silently mocking me. I don't feel save. I don't know what they might try to do next since it all seem to be getting worse. I don't even want to try and go to church, they don't make me feel welcome there. Well, anywhere to be exact. I feel like I shouldn't be here. I never told this to anybody because I was scared of what my friends or family might think but I can't hold it in anymore. It all feels like I'm losing my mind and I'm not sure what to do. Why they hate me so much? What did I do wrong? Why me? I have so many questions but none of them have answers. Aren't angels supposed to be the good ones? Or maybe these are not angels at all?

Story is told by Will0


Lucifer was once an angel


Maybe angels is just an astral creatures and not always good