Year ago - my BFF was 13 years old - my BFF told me this story. It was at night. My BFF and her brother wasn't sleep because they heard creepy voices in the hall. Then, at about one o'clock in the morning, my BFF saw someting. Someone stood behind the doors (the doors was open). She ask her brother if he see it too. He say yes. Then the thing moved in the room! The thing stood next to the wardrobe and it was look like a girl with long dark hair! My BFF and her brother was so scared. Then my BFF screamed and the thing escape from the room. Then her dad turn up the lights in the hall. He don't believed their story. The thing never come back. But my BFF now every night close the doors.

Story is told by HorrorGirl@HORRORS


Closed doors won't keep the Boogie man/woman out...

S L. K

iz it a apperition or solid form ?... & if itz a apparition, closing the door AINT gOnna help??


i kinda believe this


Yes, this is strange. Very interesting experience


I was through ot was a dream. And I know, it' sound like a dream. But my BFF and her brother see it. They don't dream the same dream, don't you agree? ;)


Maybe it's something like dream? Or it's real HEX?