Ayako wrapped herself in her navy blue summoner's cloak and drew a pentagram surrounded by two kanji repeating around the perimeter: Hoshi. Yume. All around the star. "Now, I need an offering..." Meanwhile, Abbi was crying as her stepfather tortured her. "Do not leave until a cloaked girl arrives." Ayako brought Abbi to her place, gathering starlight, dreamflower nectar, and pure water into bottles along the way. Finally, Ayako slaughtered Abbi and summoned Bakako, Dreamlord of the Starlight Cult. Starlight... Dreamflower nectar... and pure water. To this day, Ayako-chan still sacrifices weak, unfulfilled little girls to become an all-powerful mage bent on puppeteering the cosmos. Ayako is waiting, friends...

Story is told by Little Dollie

S L. K

hey !!!! it didn't let me vOte !!! ?

S L. K

I don't hate it . .I love it I know a lot of "weak" & insignificant people that need to be...well .. gone !!! like a flushed turd?? ?? ha ha ha ha


Not bad but if this happens to anyone I know I am done. With life. And all things living.


Why do you hate this?