It's rainy day and Sarah is home alone. She is reading interesting book. Then she hear laugh in the hall. "Who is there?" she ask but nobody answer. Hour later all this reading make her hungry and she go to the kitchen. She eat bread and then she hear laugh again. It was lauder. "I ask WHO IS THERE?" she ask again but nobody answer. Then she go to the hall and she see... An apple. A small apple in the hall. "Is someting wrong with me or I really don't put it here?" She grab apple and then she hear really loud laugh. She scream and run in her room. Than she call mom: "Mom, someone is in the house with me but I don't know who. Please, come home, I'm so scared." Mom ask her what she heard. "I heard laugh. It became louder and louder every time I ask who is it." Then Sarah's mom scream. "What is wrong, mommy? Why are you screaming?" And then mom told her someting creepy. "Sarah, this is a ghost of your dead twin!" "WHAT? But I haven't got a twin!" "You had her, but she die at your second birthday. I founded her dead in her bed." Then Sarah hear laugh in the hall. It's long laugh. "Mommy, my sister is laughing again Maybe I can ask her someting?..." "NO! She is demon! You can't just ask her! She is evil now, don't you understand?! DON'T ASK HER ANYTHING!" "Okay, mom, I understand you. Stop talking to my so loud! She can hear me! Please, mommy, come home!" "I will call the police. Stay in your room. I know what your sister want. She is going to kill you too because you are her twin!" Then Sarah's mom end the call. "OMG. I'm with my dead twin in this house. OMG..." Then someone laugh again and someone say: "OH, my little sister, I'm coming for you..." Sarah don't know what to do. She hear steps and laugh. Then someone knock on the door of her room. "Sister, open the door. There is just me... your sister!" Sarah hear the police outside and she think she is safe. But then someone open lock door of her room! The girl stand here. The girl who look like Sarah! When the police come in the house, they don't find Sarah. They found only blood on her bed and an apple. A small apple in the blood.

Story is told by HorrorGirl@HORRORS

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you no speak good English !!! ??ha ha ha

Took my soul away

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Wait what was the significance of the apple

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that was a great story