"Please hurry up, I wanna get there before it gets dark." Says Mrs. Williams , a mother of 1 child. The family of 3 begin packing their bags getting ready do move to their new home, it was about a 3 hour drive. "So, we are moving to the middle of nowhere?" Ask Robert, a tall chocolate skinned child, to be exact Mr. And Mrs. Williams child. "No, we have neighbors." Says Mr. Williams They arrive at their new home just before sunset. The house was about 3 stories high, a very big and beautiful house. "Seven bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Robert go! Choose your room!!" Excited little Robert runs to the house, he runs up the stairs and finds the perfect room. He has found an attic room, the biggest room in the house. Mr. Williams runs after Robert "You like this room?" He ask "YES" Robert says with a very excited tone. They placed one mattress in Roberts room. The family went out to the clossest McDonalds to buy some dinner, and when they got home they were all very tired and decided to go to sleep. Robert had a very hard time sleeping, he felt cold even though it is the middle of summer, he could feel all his hairs standing up. But finally at around 10pm Robert falls fast asleep. He is soon waken up by noises, to be more exact, people, he could hear them calling his name "Robert..... Robert...... Robert.......Robert....." Then all together the voices said "Open your eyes Robert." And so, Robert opened his eyes. He was frozen in fear by what he saw, its was faces stitched onto the ceiling. They were all frowning, they looked like they where burnt, then all of the sudden the room felt VERY hot. Robert began screaming "MOOOMMMM DADDDDDDD HELPPPPP" No one came to help, he was sleeping up stairs and all the other bedrooms are downstairs. The faces get closer and closer, the room gets hotter and hotter. Robert continues to scream for his parents. "robert, Robert, ROBERT." The voices begin chanting, again they get closer and closer. Then Robert closed his eyes, and he opened them they where gone, but then he looks at his door and he can see this tall lady standing there, she burnt. She started screaming whils running towards Robert (demonic screaming) Robert starts yelling for his mom and dad again. Then boom the door opens it was his mom, the lady was gone. "Whats wrong Robert?"

Story is told by AnnaBerry


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