Have you ever thought there was a monster under your bed? What if there was...? If there was,Here is the tale.Once there was a girl named Kimiko,She was five years old.She lived with her mom,Yuki who was a single mother.But one day Yuki got a fiánce,Kiruo.Kiruo despised Kimiko because she interfered with him and Yuki relationship and she was to "Annoying" because she kept asking him to play.One day while Yuki was at work,Kirou snapped,in to a mental outburst,causing him to want to kill Kimiko,So while Kimiko slept he stabbed her right in the throat with a kitchen knife.And precisely put her in a garbage bag,as he was about to drag her out of the house...The mom,Yuki drove into the garage.So instead her threw her lifeless body under her bed,Then he put blankets all over the blood stains and sprayed "Glade" all over the room,so the rotting smell wouldn't be so bad.He then left and locked the door,He then told Yuki, Kimiko went out to a friend's house Kirou was lucky Yuki was gullible....But after a couple days Yuki got worried and started smell an awful smell coming from her room.So she went to her room and opened the door,and smelled disgusting.But then she saw blood leaking under the bed and saw that it made a puddle,She was horrified and decided to look under the bed.She saw a garbage bag leaking out blood,she was disgusted and scared.She then opened the bag and seen the bloody lifeless Kimiko.So now Kimiko travels from bed to bed kidnapping children at the age of 5 or 4,and if your above that age she will just torment you,and if your younger then 5 or 4 she'll play with you or leave you alone.But she will kill your father,and if you do not have a father she will simple kill your mother.(Extra info) How she gets you: by pulling you through your bed with he long sharp nails,the last thing you'll see is her red glowing eyes....

Story is told by UrbanlyScary


That is more scary than my tales and I reached them


Great story!


Hope you guys enjoyed!