Gideon was walking continuously for three days in a row. He tried to think of a way to survive the winter alone but he saw the same conclusion in every direction. Not to mention how he suddenly attacked a musk ox out of consciousness. He felt like he was losing his sanity as day went by. After a restless long journey, his feet finally stopped moving and collapsed in the middle of nowhere. Warm tears rolled down his pale cheeks. "I can't do this...I'll die before I know it," he said, slightly surprised to hear the hoarse voice of his. He managed to glimpse on a figure which looked like an arctic hare. "Hey buddy. Are you cold?" he asked as his fingers running on his parka and took it off, gently wrapping it around the hare. That was when he exhaled his last breath. The arctic hare observed his dead body as it evolved into a bigger figure, it was what people call 'a big weird creature'. Its arms were stretching out, its white fur turned to black, its face fading away until there was nothing left than just a pair of lips with sharp teeth, grinning from ear to ear. "I'm pretty glad that you came," said the monster. It casted a gaze on the dead body, gently touching his forehead until he turned into a withering rose, left alone on the white canvas. "Now my rose is back," it said as it engulfed the rose into an embrace, didn't really wanna let go. "Let's wait for the 'Biggest It' to end our lives together from now on. Don't leave me again, okay?" it said for the last time before closing its eyes. Then, a giant musk ox came towards them and gobbled the both of them alive...

Story is told by dreamless_night


Very beautiful ?