Gary was once out for a walk. Yet somehow he ended up getting lost. Seeing that he had no idea where he is and the fact that it was getting late, he was begining to get desperate. But soon he came across an old abandoned house. He ran up to the front door and tried to open it. By now it is completely dark and it was begining to rain. Soon Gary managed to get the door open and went inside. Except for a pile of wooden boxes and some overgrown vines, the house was empty. Gary then managed to find a large room with a fire place. He broke up some of the boxes and manage to make a fire. Then he sat in front of the fire and relaxed. He was going to spend the night there and head back home in the morning. Gary felt so relaxed that he fell asleep. He woke up about three hours later. And was about to go back to sleep when he noticed something. Sitting next to him was a cat. A small, black cat that was looking at him with its yellow eyes. "That's a nice cat" Gary thought "properly a stray wanting to get some warmth". Gary was about to go back to sleep when he heard footsteps approaching the room. He turned to see another cat entering the room. This one was bigger than the first one. It joined the other one and also stared at Gary. "Shall we do it now?" it said turning to the little cat. The little cat looked at the big one and said "wait till Martin comes". Gary couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. Two talking cats. He must be dreaming. But what was equally scary is this Martin that they were talking about. Who was Martin? What was Martin? Was Martin another cat? A human? Or something else? He was getting nervous. But then a third cat entered the room. This one was as big as a tiger. It looked Gary over and turned to the other cats. "SHALL WE DO IT NOW?!" it asked. "No!" the over cats said "lets wait till Martin comes!". That was it. There was no way that Gary was going to stick around now. He sprang to his feet. "I'm sorry but when Martin comes, you'll have to tell him that I couldn't wait!" he said as he ran from the room.. Gary then made a dash towards the front door, opened it.... And Martin came through the door.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

Gary Matrix 2

It's one of those public domain stories.


I'm pretty sure I heard this story before

Gary Matrix 2

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