The reason why I haven't disappeared yet is because of her.she won't let me go,yet she won't let me die.she calls herself my mother,except she killed my mom in a house fire and kidnapped me.that was 10 years ago.she still insists my mother stole me from her.she won't let me outside and she won't let anyone inside.I don't know what to do,I don't know how to escape.she keeps me in the attic.One day,she forgets to lock the attic door and i run for it.she screams and runs after me.i make it outside to turn and see her running after me with a knife.i scream and a nearby officer restrains her.shes screaming and crying now that i am her daughter.

The police ask my real mothers name and i tell them,but when they find her obituary,I found out she never had a kid,let alone a daughter...

Story is told by Black Cat

Black Cat

ah same here.Kai think u can get discord?


Hey, I really like it, but remember our chat about punctuation? It's a good plot though. I'd love to be able to do another project together. (p.s. My phone is being ditzy with messages, so if you try to message me, I won't get it.)