Perspective View: Caroline Phoenix I bared my teeth at the beast as I fought it with my worthless knife, thrashing my arms around everywhere. It’s mouth smelled of rotten flesh, there were still pieces of guts and bone in its teeth and nonetheless it smelled worse than anything I’ve gotten used to, well except for a pleasantly rare occasion of faint flowers off in the distance or fresh clothes. I screamed in agony as it’s teeth sank into my arm, it wasn’t a big creature it’s probably about the size of a large dog, but it’s teeth could break your bones in one crunch. The beast gave an unsatisfied snort and lunges straight for my stomach as I stumbled into the corner of the corridor. Then faintly, very faintly, I thought, “This is it... I’m going to paradise... But is it worth it?” I grimaced as I felt claws digging at my legs and torso, again I stabbed at it with all my might, then finally right before my guts could be ripped out, I stabbed it in the right place... the third eye. I hurriedly stumbled back right to our base in time before I fainted into a chilling rest, then waking up in my bed and sharing my discovery with everyone else, although, at the time, we never knew that the creature had a poison... A poison to make someone become one of them... Oof so short!!! Sorry ;^;!

Story is told by Bloodshed Flower


I liked it


very good.