1) I lay in bed, trembling in fear and crying as my husband holds me close and keeps me quiet. It would be a romantic gesture if I actually knew who this man was. 2) The baby monitor goes off and I hear a baby on the other end. The problem is, I threw away my baby monitor after my son was murdered. 3) My phone goes off and I get a message from you, saying how much you love me. You died 5 years ago. 4) I hear a knock at the window late at night, near my baby's bed. I made the naive mistake of thinking they were outside the window. 5) I love working at a hot dog factory! It makes disposing of the bodies so much easier, AND makes more product. 6) I hurry along the unfamiliar path in the woods, scared and tired. But if I stop, the footsteps behind me will only get closer. 7) As they lower the coffin into the ground, the widow lowers her head and whispers under her breath. "..3.."

Story is told by that_girl_tori98


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