There it is again. There! Do you see it? Of course you don't. It only shows itself to the people whom it wants. It loves to torment people, make them sound childish or crazy. "There's something in the closet!" And it's suddenly gone once someone checks. It's the same old story. It loves messing with people, it thrives off it. It gets stronger the more you try to prove it's existence. It comes in many shapes and forms. But it's always the same. A dark figure, hiding away inside the closet. Sometimes it wraps it's long slender fingers around the door frame, just to scare you more. Sometimes it comes completely out, standing over you as you're paralyzed in terror. You can never make out it's face, but you know it's staring at you. Watching you. Smiling at you. It loves hearing your heart race in fear, it loves the smell of your terror late at night. Children see it the most, and it LOVES to hear their screams for help. It loves making them sound childish, and it loves making you second guess what you saw. You can never prove it's existence, it can't be seen on any type of camera. It speaks, but it can never be heard on any recordings. Many people have tried, but none have succeeded. You can't stop it, no matter what you do. The only thing you can do is endure it's torment. Whatever you do, however, NEVER attempt to attack or approach it. You must remain perfectly still. Because it is a very territorial creature, and it will attack if it feels threatened. And if you cause it to attack, well.. Let's just say, no one will ever find your body.

Story is told by that_girl_tori98


Thanks for the tip


that was creepy I think I will not be able to sleep tonight.

panic room

it sent shivers down my spine

panic room

that was so scary I hate closets it is a great story