There once was a man who liked to go for walks. He would walk everywhere. Either to the corner shop or through the local woodland that is not far from his house. Yes, he did enjoy stretching his legs and enjoying the scenery of his surroundings. But one day, something happened that change everything. The man was walking down a dusty pathway through the woodland. He had his walking stick with him and he was having a great time. But then he noticed the time on his watch. It was half past seven. He realised that he had stayed out too long and began to head home. The man made up for loss of time. But decided to stop by an old oak tree and get his breath back. It was when he lent back on the tree was when he heard it. A slow thumping noise. The man thought that it might be some animal that was making its way through the undergrowth. But then... something large appeared from behind the old oak. It stood up on its back legs and sniffed the air. Then it noticed the man standing near it. The man took one look and ran for his life. He had never seen anything so horrible in his life. He ran and ran until he thought that his lungs would burst. Now and then he lost the path and fell into the mud. In the end he crawled on his hands and knees. And he finally made it out of the woods. As he sat there, panting and coughing. He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head and found himself looking into a pare of hideous eyes. It was the thing that the man encountered in the woods. Then, as the man sat there in fear, the thing spoke... "You dropped your stick!" it said "I thought that you might want it back". Then it placed it near the man's feet, turned around, and walked back into the woods.

Story is told by Gary Matrix 2

Scp 682

Awww it just wanted to give him his stick back






not good:-(