Me and my friend amber where great friends, today we has starting highschool. Amber was late, Wich wasnt like her. It seemed she was runnign to school too. We enter our class, Like a normal day. None really talks. We got through the lesson pretty fast. After school we and Amber normally walked home together, Today we didnt. She seemed in hurry. A few days of this went by. She kept coming in later and later. Finally after school she said.. "I need to talk to you" as her best friend I talked to her. Amber said "Someone has been chasing me to school, I dont know whats going on.." I said "What do they look like?" She discribed a dead person, that she didnt know about. I said "Alright, Ill walk to school with you" Then amber said "No, I dont wanna risk you too." I said "Im your friend, Cmon let me go." Amber finally agreed. The next day I walked with her. I acually seen the person! I stopped Amber in her tracks. I wispered to her "Thats a dead person.." Amber said "WHAT?!" Amber turn and looked at the person, He had a knife. I started to call the police. Right then it seemed the person teleported behind Amber and stabbed her. She fell, dead. I got on the police`s line and ran off, The person chased me. I hid behind a alley corner. The police where on there way, Thank god. They investigated it but didnt fidn the person. I sigh, My days where going to be bad with Amber. The next day I went to school alone. There was Amber with the popular kids. I talked to her she said "Do I know you?!" The voice didnt even sound like hers. I knew the person who killed her, just took her identity. I walked off, Freaked, After school I walked home alone. The fake Amber walked up behind me with a knife and tried to kill me. Thank god I was near a police station. I screamed and the police ran over to me. The fake Amber didnt stop. The police tazed her and took her to jail. I still see the impersonater in my dreams..

Story is told by LilMissTux